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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Santa and Me

When we got invited to do Santa and Mrs. Claus for the National Guard Armory again we were so pleased.  We have done it numerous years and this time we were  asked two months ahead of time.

But we were really concerned we could not do it because Al torn his lateral ligament and a cartilage in his knee last week.  We asked the doctor if he could still do it and Dr. G thought it would be okay if we were very careful.  So Al took it super easy all week, stayed off his leg as he was told and crossed his fingers he would feel okay.

I will be the first to admit that this morning it did not look good for us.  It was raining and muggy, and it started to get super warm...not a good combination when one is in a wig, beard and costume.  After trying not to sweat to death, we arrived to a full house.... there were hundreds of soldiers and their family members.  We were there for over an hour with a line of children that never stopped.  It was amazing and the wonder and enjoyment on the children and their parents faces was so beautiful I wanted to cry.  We finished up and headed home.  And low and behold, the sun started to come out.  I guess that prayer I made came true...Please God, don't make us wet and damp, don't let the children be came true.

When we got home Al's pain really started to kick in, the meds were wearing off, so he was so glad to get home.  After de-Santaing, Al sat in his chair to stretch out.  Babe decided her dad needed to be loved and got on the back of the chair....they both fell asleep for a couple of cute....Babe would keep touching Al's head, like letting him know she would take care of him.  Gabby decided to crawl up in his lap and sleep...Al was nice and cozy.
  Babe sleeping....
Babe with her dad...Al

And Gabby on the lap saying "Really Mom?"  let us sleep.

Al and I love doing this for the troops and the kids.  Our only regret is that our bodies do not keep up with our minds.  Al says he does not regret this, even though he had to go to bed a while ago to try to get more comfortable.

Those beautiful faces, so full of excitement and joy help us feel less pain for a few moments and that is priceless.  

So Santa and Mrs. Claus hope everyone has the Holiday Season that they wish for......


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