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Monday, December 31, 2012


Well 2012 is ending just as f**king good as it started, the American Congress can not get their heads out of their asses long enough to see what the American Public wants.
The Congress does not care at all about the public, just their buddies... great..but the Public is the ones that pay the bills and the price for this stupidity...

2012 started this way...........

In Janurary I get a text message that my oldest brother had died...two weeks before my birthday...just wonderful....
Denny had struggled the last few years with some health issues and it was sad to know that his body gave up...but at least he is not in pain anymore.  The ones in pain are his family because he was so integral to his family.

In Feb.  we got notified that Al's cousin Penny had died from her battle with cancer.  We were so sad, we had hoped to go and meet her this past summer.  

A couple of months later, my Uncle Danny died. He was two days younger than Denny.  Uncle Danny had fought for a long time with his health and had finally became the heavenly angel that he was on Earth.

My hope was that this was the last bad news of the year... Al was due to graduate from Wayne State University in May and I really could have gone with no more stress.

Despite some bs from Wayne State University, Al finally got the info that he was going to get his BA in Film.  I was so thrilled that I threw him a party.  That was one of the most rewarding things I had done in was wonderful to see our friends, many who were our "Heart Family".  We were so glad that the college years were over....

Then June decided it wanted to be noticed and I was told I had breast cancer....I went "Really"?  This was just not an acceptable situtation for me, so I decided that without health insurance I was still going to find a way to get this resolved.  Found the wonderful program through Karmanos that offered free care for women up to age 64.  The team I worked with was wonderful and it turned out I had false postives and scare tissue....that was such a relief that by September I was too exhausted to do much more. 

And during this time we helped a friend move in with another friend who needed help.

We had planned on moving to Arizona, but those plans went bye bye when we realized that we had a powerful support team here and would need it.

Al had been deteriorating thorough out the summer and had to go into physical therapy to try and get his arm to stop hurting and for it to be useful.  Just as he was getting through that, he bad knee decided to give out.  He blew out the cartilage and messed up his lateral ligament....good gravy we did not need that.

And for me, lets just say stress and Polio do not go has been sucky.

But in November we got ourselves another family member...her name is Babe.  She is nine years old and beautiful.  Her human had died and she was left in a house by herself for a month, having a neighbor feed her.  The son of the deceased lady just wanted the cat to be put down.  Well considering the vet said Gabby was lonely, we went and got Babe.   I love her so much, and so does Al, she has been a delight...Gabby and her are still adjusting, but it looks like they will be okay.  So in the scheme of things, this doesn't seem like something big, but for us it was a great thing.

So in December when the country had just gotten through the shock of the East coast being slammed by Sandy, comes the most horrible crime ever, 20 babies murdered with their teachers in Connecticut.  The sadness has been overwhelming to say the least, and the sorrow will be forever for these families.  

But apparently this country has not had enough, now we have the New Years Eve news that our Congress is a bunch of nincompoops.  I want to know how these people look in the mirror and the faces of their families.  They have become such a joke around the world.  The men and women who have given their lives, bodies and minds to make this country free do not deserve this kind of abuse.  Those of us who have worked, and put our money into a program that we PAID for can not understand why some congressman's or senator's pork is more important than honoring the promise made to us Americans.

All in all 2012 has been a "F**KING BAD YEAR".  



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